At  CFOCORP we believe that there is more to creating and sustaining a successful business than just spreadsheets and BAS statements.

Have you ever noticed two similar sized businesses that began operating in the same market with similar offerings, and yet only a few short years later one is thriving and the other is either floundering or closed, and wondered "why"? 

Well David Prestney one of our founding directors did, and after further research the answer that he learned was that those businesses that prosper are those that truly understand themselves and are able to best express this through their organisation and the goods and services it provides. 

In business (and life) people like to deal with those that they "trust" and what people are searching for is authenticity, the old saying "People buy YOU, not your product" is as true now as it ever was.


Take the much used example of Apple their tagline is  "Think Different"  NOT  "Great computers" or

Nike  "Just do it"  NOT  "Quality sporting goods"   - now surely if you want to sell computers and sports wear you should be telling the world about your products, but the undeniable fact is that people buy into what "you" stand for, not simply the products and services that are being provided.


Knowing the importance of organisations being run inline with their core drivers we then sought a way to integrate this with the CFO consulting services that CFOCORP is providing to support clients improve their businesses, and so the decision was made to partner with the team from "Know your WHY (Australia)" to help business owners, CEO's and Managing Directors uncover and connect with what truly drives them and their business, while also allowing the team from CFOCORP to continue to focus on providing their high quality Chief Financial Officer skills and services to small and medium sized businesses on a part-time and as-needs basis. 

Our associates & clients.

CFOCORP are proud to be included on the panel of "Problem Solvers" recommended by Techboard (Tech start-up platform).

CFO CORP have been pleased to provide assistance to the Woocom Group (WEB, Software & SEO Services)  leading into and during their period of restructure and transition. 

 Woocom, Tech assistance,

CFO CORP are proud to act as advisers to R&Co (online Media & Marketing)  and its' management on their various projects and initiatives.

R & Co, Advertising, Marketing, R&Co, Radomir Kobryn-Coletti, Facebook, Memes for the Urban Gentleman, Perth WA Memes

David Prestney (Director CFOCORP) sits on the Board of Shine Community Services (Aged & Disability Care)  as a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Finance Committee. In addition David also developed SHINE's "Unit Costing Model" to assist the organisation to better understand the profitability of its' various services, as well as developing a set of Business KPI's to assist management and the Board in monitoring and tracking performance

Shine Community Services, Aged Care, NDIS, Disability Care Director Chair Finance Committee, David Prestney , Unit Costing , KPI
Our People

CFOCORP's consultants meet stringent recruitment requirements to ensure quality of service delivery. All CFOCORP's  Chief Financial Officers are professionally qualified Accountants from major Australian (or International equivalent) Institutes, all have held CFO positions in both mid-sized and large organisations, and most importantly all are extremely commercial, business savvy with the experience and business connections to take your company to the next level.

David Prestney
Founding Director
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David is a strategically minded Business Advisor, Director and CFO (Chief Financial Officer), with over 20 years’ experience garnered across a range of organisations from public practice and SME’s through to Not-for-Profits and government departments such as WA Health as well as large multinational corporations, within various industries from Banking and Financial Services, Media and Technology through to Aged Care, exploration, mining services and large listed mining houses through Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.


His passion is working with and mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners to make their vision become reality.


His goal is:

 “to make good businesses GREAT, and assist people in realising their full potential”.


(e) david.prestney@cfocorp.com.au

Diana May
Consulting CFO & Advisor
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Diana is a results oriented finance and operations leader with over 25 years experience across a broad range of technology enterprises from start-ups to large corporates.

Diana’s passion is building teams, processes and systems that allow organisations to scale in dynamic environments.


Diana has an ability to perform multiple functions including Finance, IT, HR, Cosec, Legal, Project management, Sales & Marketing.


(e) info@cfocorp.com.au

Paul Fromson
Consulting CFO & Advisor
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Paul is an experienced Company Direcor, CFO and Company Secretary with close to 30 years running and advising both Listed and Unlisted companies and ventures across Australia and South Africa.   

Pauls experience and skills include,  Negotiating multi-national joint venture agreements. mergers and acquisitions,  prospectuses, conducting due diligence.  

In addition to sourcing equity and debt finance, to fund expansion and acquisitions. as well as advising on financial and commercial issues.

(e) info@cfocorp.com.au

Your Success is our Success 

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