What We Do

You know how many small businesses may have fantastic ideas and great potential but struggle when it comes to having the resources and skills to make their vision a reality, and so they plow on alone, often going down many blind alleys, in the hope that one day their venture may beat-the-odds and become a success?

" Well it doesn’t have to be that way! "

CFOCORP are here to help all businesses but, in particular, those in the Mining, Mining Services and Aged and Disability Care Services that have the need for the expertise and skills, but not the resources to justify employing an additional full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

So many businesses fail or don’t meet their true potential due to poor or limited financial and commercial management. No one can be an expert in everything and it is often the case that many owners or CEOs are not best placed to expertly manage the financial management and reporting for a business, and even if you are, you need to question whether your time would be better spent in other key strategic areas such as revenue generation.

That’s where CFOCORP can help. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO, we can expertly manage the financial and corporate areas of the business for you on an as needed basis and will tailor our services and time to meet your business’s needs.

Flexible Approach

At CFO CORP through our flexible model we are able to provide businesses with as much or as little expert hands on assistance as they require, and at a price to suit even the leanest budget, including Part-Cash / Part Equity arrangements,  through our “Equity co-investment” model.

CFO CORP match experienced Consultants and Chief Financial Officers with businesses on a part-time, full-time or as-needs basis, to provide the organisation with the corporate, financial and business skills that they need, thus enabling owners and management to focus on what they do best while we take care of the corporate and administrative tasks such as Financial Modeling, HR, funding negotiations, connecting with “appropriate” suppliers and of course Management Reporting.  

CFO Corp giving business the World
Equity co-investment   (assistance with a SMALLER UPFRONT CASH outlay)

For those businesses where the great story, vision and passion are there, BUT the cashflow isn’t.
Under this plan potentially some of the Consultant or CFO’s remuneration could be cash free for up-to six months. Rather than needing to expend your precious cash upfront CFOCorp and our CFO’s are willing to partner and work with entrepreneurs and small business owners and accept an equity share in lieu of cash payment, hence ensuring we are even further committed to ensuring that your business is a success.

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Our CFO's can help businesses setup, manage and improve their: 
  • Management Accounting and Reporting   

  • Funding  

  • Banking  Strategy  

  • Insurance requirements    

  • Human Resources & staffing

  • IT  

  • Risk minimisation 

  • Model preparation

  • Cash Flows

  • Budgeting      

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Internal Controls  

  • Board reporting    

  • Investor reporting    

  • Profit maximisation

Executive and Staff Mentoring

At CFOCORP we believe in the importance of working with owners and key staff to ensure that you possess the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to ever changing business conditions.

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Projects & Speciality areas

We at CFOCORP recognise that for every business circumstances arise where there is a need to tap into additional skills and resources to deal with the situation. That is where we can help with the provision of interim and specialised finance professionals.    


Some areas that we can help are:

  • Preparing for IPO and Capital raisings. 

  • Exit planning and strategy. 

  • Virtual CFO (great for remote businesses )

  • Change management

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Maintaining control in periods of high growth.

  • Business Purchases and Due Diligence

  • Team building and Culture Change

  • Temporary CFO's for when you're left short.

  • Unit Cost Modeling

What we are not.     (because no one can be everything to everyone)

CFOCORP is not a compliance based Tax Practice, we prefer instead to partner with Tax experts in their field to ensure that our clients' receive the right expert advice.

Whilst our CFO's are all fully qualified Accountants, and maintain their professional training, we recognise that areas such as Tax and Audit are specialty areas that require significant time and resources to become and remain technically proficient, just as it takes years of commercial and business experience to become a great Chief Financial Officer.