The 2 things that START-UPs need ….and how we can help.

What do start-ups need , Start-up assistance , sweat equity

Having helped and worked with many businesses over the years I have spoken with and listened to a number of Entrepreneurs and Founders of Start-ups, and invariably they state that the two things that they need the most in the early stages are:-


  1. Money / Funding to get the project off the ground

  2. Help to actually pull the project together and create the business plans, projections and proposals necessary to attract investment.

Mistakes that kill startups, start-up assistance

BUT - to date it has been almost impossible to obtain one if you didn’t have the other, and so many entrepreneurs have had to go it alone struggling to juggle all elements of getting their business moving and hoping to find a break.

And whist CFOCORP have been able to assist many small businesses through the provision of experienced CFO’s working on a Part-Time basis, this still however left some potentially great businesses unable to get the help they needed because they simply had NO available cash to pay for any assistance.

So we at CFOCORP have developed a NEW model specifically designed for those fledgling businesses with great ideas but in need of the commercial and financial skills necessary to make their vision a reality….

Equity co-investment

Is designed for those businesses where the great story, vision and passion are there , BUT the cashflow isn’t. Under this structure potentially some or all of the CFO’s remuneration could be cash free for a period of up-to six months. Rather than needing to expend your precious cash upfront CFOCORP and our CFO’s are willing to partner and work with with entrepreneurs and small business owners and accept an equity share of the business in lieu of cash payment, hence ensuring that we are even further committed to helping raise capital you make the business a success. If you would like to learn more about how an arrangement like this would work then please contact us to arrange a discussion.

For more information please call or visit: (t) +61 (0)413 325 640 (e) (w)


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