Equity co-investment (What is it ?)

equity co-investment what is it, sweat equity, cash saving, Chief Financial Officer, CFO, Cash Free

In a nutshell equity co-investment is a way of obtaining the expertise and skills of experienced business and finance professionals without having to dip into your cash reserves AND is designed for those businesses where the:- Great story, vision and passion are there..... BUT the cash-flow isn’t. Rather than needing to expend your precious cash resources hiring consultants or paying for (and attending) external courses and hiring mentors CFOCorp and our CFO’s are willing to partner with entrepreneurs and small business owners and receive an equity share of the business in-lieu-of cash payment (another name for this is "sweat equity"), hence ensuring that we are even further committed to working on your business, raising capital and making the venture a success!

Equity co-investment, sweat equity, Mark Cuban, CFO CORP, cash free

Through discussion with yourself CFOCorp can help come up with a funding model that suits your business and circumstances including:- - Part Cash - Part Loan - Part Equity arrangements through to - 100% of the CFO’s remuneration being cash free for up-to six months.

How can CFO CORP offer this where others don't? CFO Corp is a network of like minded independent CFO's who have come together to use their pooled knowledge and experience to assist small and medium sized businesses, and because we are a group of individuals we are thus not burdened with the ongoing overheads of corporate multinationals and hence are able to provide our services in a more innovative and agile way.

At CFO CORP we are looking at working with you and your business for the long term not just some quick upfront fees.

If you would like to learn more about how an arrangement like this would work then please contact us to arrange a discussion.

David Prestney (Founding Director) CFO CORP www.cfocorp.com.au (e) info@cfocorp.com.au (m) +61 413 325 640


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